Ukraine in Vain: Fuck Putin but Let the Donbass Go

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“For all intents and purposes, in every way that counts, Ukraine has already defeated Russia. Hell, let’s face it, they kicked their fucking ass. Putin’s ‘Special Operation’ in Ukraine has been a massive failure of unprecedented proportions. Never, in my memory at least, has an army that big fallen that fast. The first six weeks of that disaster were like a six-week reenactment of the Tet Offensive with Putin playing Robert McNamara, the ruthless and supposedly brilliant failure, forced by peasants to quietly concede defeat under his breath. It’s tempting to chock this upset up to the fact that Ukraine is the heavily armed quisling state of a massive empire but if Afghanistan taught us a goddamn thing it’s that all the money in the universe can’t buy you a victory in someone else’s country.” (05/08/22)