Russia: Space agency chief boasts nuclear capabilities, claims NATO would lose “in 30 minutes”

Source: Fox News

“A Russian official has boasted that Russia would destroy NATO countries ‘in half-an-hour’ if conflict escalated to the use of nuclear weapons. Dmitry Rogozin, Head of Russia’s Space Agency Roscosmos and former Deputy Prime Minister, said Sunday that in the event of a nuclear war, ‘NATO countries will be destroyed by Russia in half-an-hour.’ He stressed that such an event ‘cannot be allowed because the consequences will impact the [entire] Earth.’ Russia has roused fear and concern over the potential use of nuclear weapons as Russian President Vladimir Putin prepares for the May 9 Victory Day celebrations, including a massive military parade and a ‘nuclear theme’ that he hopes will send a ‘doomsday warning’ to Europe and the United States.” [editor’s note: Peter Sellers & Slim Pickens might need to be dug up to remind us of this – SAT] (05/08/22)