A “disinformation” board inspired by a dystopian novel

Source: Orange County Register
by Steven Greenhut

“Dystopian fiction always has fascinated me because writers such as Philip K. Dick and Ray Bradbury based their stories on real-world trends — and simply took them to logical extremes. Story lines involving, say, departments of pre-crime that arrested people based on algorithms seemed preposterous, but have turned out to be creepily close to the mark. … That’s almost as bizarre as the story of a government so paranoid that it created a Weather Bureau, overseen by an Office of Censorship, that promulgated complex rules for the dissemination of weather reports to keep them out of enemy hands. ,,, That wasn’t fiction, but was an actual World War II-era federal agency. Now the Department of Homeland Security — having apparently learned nothing from past U.S. government absurdities or George Orwell — is launching a Disinformation Governance Board to police the internet.” (05/07/22)