Interview: Discovering Stocks the Media Is Missing

Source: American Consequences
by Trish Regan

“Herb Greenberg and I go way, way back. In the early 2000s, we both reported the morning business news for rival television stations in San Francisco. After that, he and I worked together at MarketWatch… and later at CNBC. I have huge respect for Herb and have always loved how excited he gets about finding the company no one else is talking about. He’s a real reporter in this way/ Those investigative journalism chops, coupled with his massive Wall Street knowledge, enable him to find the real gems. Last week, I sat down with Herb to discuss so-called ‘boring’ companies, the herd mentality of financial journalism, and the art of investing. If we follow his advice, under-the-radar companies could wind up being some of our best investing bets yet.” (05/06/22)