The lockdown fanatics are now just anti-vaxxers

Source: spiked
by Tom Slater

“Anti-vaxx views have become alarmingly popular in the past 24 hours. Flick on the TV or open up Twitter and you’ll see anti-vaxxers everywhere, shamelessly sowing doubt about our life-saving vaccines to audiences of millions. But these aren’t the basement-bound conspiracy theorists we might usually think of when we think about anti-vaxxers. They are leading commentators and broadcasters, suddenly gripped by the conviction that vaccines don’t work. This is surely the only explanation as to why so many in the media are so terrified about Freedom Day going ahead on 19 July. Since Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday, they’ve been talking up impending doom, as if our world-leading vaccine rollout has made no difference. Lockdown fanatics have become the acceptable face of the anti-vaxx movement.” (07/06/21)