The Long Con

Source: J.L. Cells
by James Leroy Wilson

“On the final episode of Renee Colvert’s My Pandemic Makeover Spectacular! podcast, she discusses kindness with Cait Moldenhauer. Throughout her life, Colvert says she was a ‘cheerleader,’ effusive and helpful. Because of that, she’s felt belittled, that she wasn’t taken seriously. Moldenhauer agrees that being kind can make one feel like a pushover, but kindness wins. Being mean and cutthroat, Moldenhauer explains, gets back to you. But it’s a pleasure to work with kind people. Kindness may not always pay off in the short term; mean people might get their way. But ‘in the long game, the long con, you’re conning people to be nice to you for the rest of your life.’ What the Dalai Lama says about the overall historical trend, and what Cait Moldenhauer says about interpersonal relationships, reflects what I believe is an inner knowing.” (07/06/21)