COVID-19: Are There Ethical Issues with Jabs or Mandates?

Source: Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
by staff

“If your faith forbids sterilization, or your respect for human rights forbids involuntary sterilization, then you need to consider the risk of infertility from COVID jabs. We do NOT know that the COVID jab will cause infertility. But we also do not and cannot know that it doesn’t. There simply has not been enough time to see. Despite the uncertainty, thousands of our youth are being forced to choose between taking the jab or putting their educational plans or careers on hold. How much risk can we ethically take, or coerce others to accept — whether the risk is of infertility, miscarriage, disability, chronic disease, or death? … While manufacturers are immune from product liability, those who coerce students or employees to receive it might not be.” (07/06/21)