Roberts: “Absolutely apalling” that mere serfs find things out before he deigns to inform them

Source: CNN

“Chief Justice John Roberts said Thursday that the leak of a draft opinion that would strike down Roe v. Wade is ‘absolutely appalling’ and stressed that he hopes ‘one bad apple’ would not change ‘people’s perception’ of the nation’s highest court and workforce. In his first public appearance since the leak on Monday, Roberts also said that if ‘the person’ or ‘people’ behind the leak think it will affect the work of the Supreme Court, they are ‘foolish.'” [editor’s note: So it won’t affect the work of the court? That narrows down the reasons for finding it “absolutely appalling” to one — us mere mortals shouldn’t get to know what the Court is up to until they feel like telling us – TLK] (05/05/22)