Part Of The Problem, 05/05/22

Source: GaS Digital Network

“Dave Smith and Scott Horton bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Scott look at the history and causes of the conflict with Russia, the effects of the massive inflation heading our way, and an update on the conflict in Ukraine.” [MP3] (05/05/22),4dbc7237-f22c-5518-b97d-cf46a86a3f11,a0QDdGmrc1u7ZHFXgzBv7edPThM/episodes/07419d74-e19c-4609-8153-ecc8e1e45aff/dc5cf6fd56df793da828d8175e9e93aa1a6d9c682216afb30eb68dba747f9160069c6fdb9526885c42f8f34993e89335eef6861c445c3fa79837800ce2827a63/potp%205.4.22%20scott%20horton%20art19.mp3