Mourning In America: Life After Roe

Source: The American Conservative
by Jason Morgan

“For nearly 50 years, a Supreme Court decision more barbaric than Dred Scott, more inhuman than Plessy v. Ferguson, has made our nation into a charnel house for children in the womb. More than 60 million dead in Roe’s America as of the Year of Grace 2022. And still the little bodies pile up. Still the left [sic] clamors for more killing, and yet more. Yes, by all means, Roe must fall. It has been a wicked scar on our beautiful nation from the beginning. The recent news, however, has left me much more fearful than jubilant. … I once thought Roe would expire in an irenic scene of reconciliation. Now I see that we are much more likely to have civil war.” (05/05/22)