Government Is Failing to Fix Homelessness with Housing

Source: Independent Institute
by Craig Eyermann

“What if your city government spent millions more than it does today to pay for housing for the homeless? What do you think your community would have to show for it? In San Francisco, the city’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) has taken on the task of housing many of the city’s homeless residents. In 2020, the HSH spent $600 million to provide services and housing for the city’s homeless residents. That’s an increase of nearly 65% from its 2019 budget, so the HSH has lots more money to spend to house the homeless. And spend it does! Most notably, the HSH dedicates $160 million through its Permanent Supportive Housing program to pay for homeless residents to live in the city’s 70 Single-Room-Occupancy (SRO) hotels. So, mission accomplished, right? Perhaps not, as we’re about to find out.” (05/05/22)