AZ: Autopsy for Mexican woman found hanging upside down on border wall reveals disturbing new details

Source: Fox News

“Arizona authorities released the autopsy for a Mexican woman found hanging upside on the border wall last month, showing she was choked to death by her climbing harness while attempting to illegally [sic] enter the US. The Pima County Medical Examiner’s report, conducted for the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, said the woman, identified as 31-year-old Griselda Anais Verduzco Armenta, was found suspended from the border wall entrapped by a cord, tie-down straps and seat belt around her neck, chest and arms. The report released this week said Verduzco Armenta had abrasions to the head, torso and extremities, along with contusions, a laceration on her lower right leg and a fractured vertebra, the Associated Press reported. The body also showed signs of attempts to revive her, according to the outlet.” (05/05/22)