Biden’s disinformation board: Authoritarian & reminds me of my life in China

Source: Fox News
by Helen Raleigh

“The Biden administration announced the establishment of the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) last week to be created within the Homeland Security Department (DHS), aiming to counter ‘misinformation related to homeland security.’ There are many unknowns about DGB. For example, we don’t know how the members of DGB will be selected, what kind of power it will have, and how it defines misinformation. But the early signs are not promising. … we don’t need to rely on a novel to foresee the harm DGB will do to our cherished freedom and the future of this Constitutional Republic. As someone who grew up in China’s authoritarian regime, I see the parallel between DGB and the Chinese government’s Central Propaganda Department (CPD).” (05/05/22)