Century-Old Racist US Supreme Court Cases Still Rule Over Millions of Americans

Source: CounterPunch
by Eric Bellone

“The 4 million inhabitants of five U.S. territories — Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Marianas Islands, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands — do not have the full protection of the Constitution, because of a series of Supreme Court cases dating back to 1901 that are based on archaic, often racist language and reasoning. A call from Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch to overturn more than a century of precedent has been joined by advocates for equal citizenship for everyone born in those U.S. territories. If the court decides to take up the question, it would review a long-standing status quo. Now, no U.S. citizen living in any of those places can vote for president. They don’t have a voting representative in Congress, either. But this inferiority is inconsistent.” (05/05/22)