The End of Roe v. Wade Won’t Motivate Democrats

Source: The New Republic
by Natalie Shure

“Some pro-choicers — understandably devastated to see Republicans within striking distance of fulfilling a decades-long campaign promise — hold out hope that Roe’s fall could be galvanizing. After all, well over half of Americans support legal abortion in many or all circumstances; as few as 20 percent report wanting Roe overturned outright. … Such optimism will likely prove unfounded: To suggest that the collapse of Roe could effectively inspire the sort of movement-building for the broader left that it has for the right is to misunderstand at once the class politics of abortion and the role it’s played within both parties. As much as we might wish otherwise, the most plausible impact the end of Roe v. Wade will have on electoral politics is little to none at all.” (05/05/22)