DeSantis’s Deranged Disney War Is What the Right Accuses Dems of Doing

Source: The Daily Beast
by Nicole Gelinas

“In 2013, when then-Gov. Chris Christie’s underlings purposely created a traffic jam near the George Washington Bridge as political revenge against a New Jersey Democrat who had failed to support his re-election, Christie was ashamed enough of the scheme that he denied responsibility. The naked, and entirely pointless, retribution harmed his chances in the 2016 presidential election. It’s a measure of how far down American politics has descended since then that today, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is carrying out his equally naked and pointless retribution against the Walt Disney Company in plain sight. DeSantis’s revenge on Disney is scorched-earth, end-justifies-any-means politics: brazenly creating anxiety and uncertainty among taxpayers, investors, and company employees for at least the next year, in a breathtaking abuse of just-because-we-can power. It looks an awful lot like the sort of government abuse that the right much more often accuses the left of doing (and often with good reason).” (05/04/22)