Why Roe v Wade is worth fighting for

Source: spiked
by Ann Furedi

“In the 1970s, when the US Supreme Court accepted abortion to be a private matter for a woman to decide, activists understood that abortion was a matter of freedom and personal choice. Today, this notion is much more contested. Allowing individual states to decide on their own legislation seems like a good, even progressive, option. It seems hard for those of us who value democratic decisions above juridical rulings to disagree — for reasons of both principle (that the people should decide) and pragmatism. … But what makes the United States a nation is its commitment to the common values of the Constitution. And so it is a tragedy to see one of the crucial progressive principles of that Constitution — the right to privacy — be redefined in such a way as to unpick and throw out a woman’s privacy in decision-making about her own pregnancy.” (05/04/22)