Airing the dirty laundry of the libertarian movement part 2: Tom Woods, wtf? And whither LP National?

Source: Flawed Jewel
by Scott Halleck

“Since I got back into things during the Jorgensen campaign, I’ve heard all manner of jokes about how pedophiles need to go straight into the woodchipper. At least in spirit I agree — child abuse is horrific and disgusting, and the only addendum I’d make is “after due process of law.’ I’ve also seen conservatarian after conservatarian attack LGBTQ folk as ‘groomers’ and ‘child molesters’ for daring to say that Johnny might have two moms, and they’re cool, or that Uncle Steve might show up next Thanksgiving as Aunt Barbara, and that’s ok too. … Well, Mises Caucus folks, here we are. You have an actual, unrepentant groomer in your midst, and most of you have either shut up or said ‘NO U,’ because he happens to be from your camp.” (05/04/22)