Libertarians on Abortion

Source: Libertarian Party
by Bekah Congdon

“The abortion argument has been used to control duopoly voters for more than 40 years. If a Democrat starts to question their party’s fiscal policies or their failure to end the War on Drugs or make any meaningful reform to our criminal justice system, they can be pulled back in line by a reminder that the other side wants to take choice and bodily autonomy away from women. Should a Republican take issue with their party’s infatuation with a megalomaniac, or their rhetoric and policies on immigration, they will swiftly be reminded that a vote for the other team is a vote for ‘killing babies.’ One thing is abundantly clear: if you are looking for a political party that has no space for nuance or compassion in the conversation on abortion, there are already two parties for you. Take your pick. As ever, Libertarians approach this topic differently than the status quo.” (05/04/22)