“Overwhelming Success”: Researchers Praise Iceland’s Four-Day Work Week Trials

Source: Common Dreams

“A new study demonstrates that working fewer hours for the same pay (long a central aim of the left) has ‘transformative positive effects’ for both employees and employers alike, with researchers calling trials of a four-day work week in Iceland an ‘overwhelming success.’ The Association for Democracy and Sustainability (ALDA), an Icelandic nonprofit organization, and Autonomy, a progressive think tank based in the United Kingdom, published a report last month detailing the results of two major trials …. the trials involved more than 2,500 workers (roughly 1.3% of Iceland’s total working population) who switched from working five days and 40 hours per week to 35- or 36-hour work weeks over the course of four or five days with no reductions in pay.” [editor’s note: When we are compensated based on productivity instead of attendance, it is amazing how much more productive (and happy) we can be – SAT] (07/06/21)