What To Make of Today’s Market

Source: American Consequences
by Dr. David Eifrig

“The warning signs of a market crash are starting to pop up. Consider the advance-decline line. I’ve written about this indicator before; it’s simple but powerful in predicting where stocks will head. All you do is take the number of stocks that went up in a given day and subtract the number that went down. If more went up that day, the advance-decline line goes up. If more went down, the line goes down. Again, simple. In a typical bull market, as the market goes up, the advance-decline line goes up, too. Today, we’re at a crossroads: The market has been moving down, and the advance-decline line has started to fall as well. That means more stocks are losing than winning. And that’s different than what we’ve experienced over the past few years.” (05/04/22)