“Roe” Repeal and Minority Rule

Source: The American Prospect
by Harold Meyerson

“In poll after poll through multiple decades, roughly 60 percent of the American people have consistently supported Roe v. Wade’s guarantee of a constitutional right to abortion [to some extent]. The problem made glaringly apparent by Monday night’s leak of a coming Court ruling to repeal Roe is that there’s no constitutional right to majority rule. The Court’s anti-Roe ruling, provisional until it is officially promulgated, is the result of a minority faction’s ability to win elections and govern. Four of the five justices who’ve signed on to the Roe repeal were appointed by Republican presidents who received fewer popular votes than their Democratic opponents …” [editor’s note: like every piece being written about this issue, this is a distortion of the truth – SAT] [additional editor’s note: In at least some places, the “majority” favors restricting abortion – TLK] (05/04/22)