France: Regime in a fizz over Russia’s champagne label law

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“France has hit back at a new Russian law ordering French champagne makers to label their bottles as sparkling wine. France has strict rules protecting its bubbly, meaning to be called champagne it must be from the French region that shares the name. But under Russia’s new law, only local producers can call their drinks ‘shampanskoye’ — the Russian equivalent of champagne. France’s main champagne industry group called the law ‘unacceptable.’ Under the new legislation (signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday) foreign producers of sparkling wine are ordered to describe their products as such on the back of the bottle. French producers are still allowed to use the word champagne on the front of bottles, but the use of ‘shampanskoye’ is allowed only on local produce.” (07/06/21)