Public Schools Will Always Be Political Battlegrounds

Source: Reason
by JD Tuccille

“One benefit of homeschooling is that my family looks on escalating conflicts over curricula and disputes about school policies as observers, with little skin in the game. Whether a state law can be characterized as ‘don’t say gay’ or ‘anti-grooming’ doesn’t touch us, because we teach what we want. School officials mandating masks or letting students decide is unimportant, since we do as we damned well please. We can move without fretting over school districts and our son can take his lessons on the road. Frankly, giving everybody such an easy exit from inevitable battles over government schools would go a long way toward relieving social tensions and making people happier. … Nasty fights over lessons and schoolbooks are inevitable so long as we force people of different values and opinions to send their children to the same institutions.” (05/04/22)