Gaza Is Still Under Attack, but You Wouldn’t Know It From the Media

Source: The Nation
By Amal Haddad

“In mid-May, as the Israeli military pummeled the Gaza Strip with shattering force, a medical student in the southern city of Rafah sent a plea to a friend, who shared it with another friend, who shared it with The Nation. The students name was Noor Alshaer, and she was desperate to to speak up — ‘for our voices to be heard, for our story to be out,’ as she wrote. ‘I have lived through three heinous wars only to live up to the fourth that already feels worse than all the previous three piled up together,’ she continued. ‘Safety is not option in the strip, and it hurts me so much reading the news on the Western media, seeing how the stories are all one-sided.’ In June, I finally had the chance to speak with Alshaer from her home in Gaza.” (07/06/21)