When Haircuts Were Illegal

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“[F]or months, in most parts of the country, from mid-March to about June 2020 if not longer, getting a haircut was illegal. It was a result of disease panic for sure but more. Governments decided that they knew the risks better than people, and so would not allow people to make their own choices. Multitudes of barbers and stylists sat at home while the hair of the people grew longer and longer. Many friends of mine cut their own. Others found speakeasy barbers. One friend swore me to secrecy as he told a tale of a small barn in a remote place in New Jersey. He had heard from another friend to knock on the back door. He tried it and a lady appeared, said nothing, sat him down in a chair and cut. Five minutes later she said: $25. He left while making sure no one saw him.” (05/02/22)