Privacy Is for People, Not Government

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Patrick Ishmael

“Earlier this year, I excoriated a concerning initiative out of the governor’s office that would have brought new barriers to government transparency, including reinstating attorneys’ fees in the document production process for Sunshine Law requests and limiting the kinds of documents otherwise available to the public. The governor’s plan appears to be mostly dead, but pieces remain in legislation that has now passed the Senate — and that should concern the public. And as often happens with the Missouri Legislature, there is some irony with how the bill in question has ‘evolved.’ Senate Bill (SB) 741 originally only established a ‘Personal Privacy Protection Act’ — new provisions that would protect citizens’ private records from the government and, if the government had such private records, protected them from disclosure to the public. After it was amended in the Senate, SB 741 became a wide-ranging bill that now primarily protects government and government records from citizens.” (05/02/22)