Why are gun owners opposed to gun registration?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Gregory K Taggart

“At its root, the concept of a central gun-owner database is closely related to ‘Universal Background Checks’ which is a necessary mechanism to build such a data base. The premise is essentially that it is a ‘good idea’ for the Government to know who owns the guns. … ‘If formerly law-abiding, church deacon, dentist Fred Mertz, DDS, suddenly transforms himself into an amoral, raging criminal gangster, and he is on a list, the cops will be able to know he has a gun.’ The folks capable of critical thinking will note that the cops expect a ‘raging criminal gangster’ to be armed no matter what he used to do or who he used to be. Law enforcement officers always assume that violent criminals are armed. A list isn’t necessary to show that the violent actor did, or didn’t, own a gun in the past.” (05/02/22)