NY: Amazon Terminated Paid Sick Leave for Covid-19 Day After Union Vote Ended

Source: Common Dreams

“A day after union voting ended late last week at Amazon’s LDJ5 warehouse in Staten Island, the company announced it is ending its nationwide Covid-19 paid sick leave policy — prompting suspicions that management deliberately waited until after workers at the New York facility cast their ballots to unveil the change. On Saturday, Amazon informed employees that it is ‘returning to standard sick leave policies,’ meaning that workers who test positive for Covid-19 will no longer get a week of paid time off. ‘Amazon waited until the day after the union election in Staten Island to announce what for many will be very troubling news,’ tweeted Lauren Kaori Gurley, a labor reporter for Motherboard. ‘Nationwide, it will no longer pay workers who are out sick with Covid OR inform workers when someone at their warehouse tests positive for Covid.'” (05/02/22)