OH: School board member censured for “typo” linking to porn site

Source: CBS News

“An Ohio school board outside Cincinnati voted during an emergency meeting on Wednesday to censure a member who said she accidentally posted a link to a pornography site on her campaign’s Facebook page. The board for the Lakota Local School District in Liberty Township also asked Darbi Boddy, 41, to resign. She refused. The link she intended to post, she said, was a site about sexual education for teens. The post has since been removed. Boddy, accompanied by her young daughter, left the meeting after the censure vote saying, ‘I will not be part of this political ruse.’ Attempts to reach Boddy by telephone on Thursday were unsuccessful. In another Facebook post that also has been removed, Boddy said that while the link was a ‘typo,’ it is ‘representative of the disgusting material that is being put in front of our children.'” (05/02/22)