Why China-Bashing Is Counterproductive

Source: The American Prospect
by Tobita Chow

“In the past month, a controversy has broken out concerning how Democrats should handle narratives about China, which are becoming increasingly prominent in U.S. politics. This controversy was triggered by an ad from the Tim Ryan campaign for U.S. Senate in Ohio, which features a series of clips in which Ryan blames China for a series of economic problems in Ohio, including joblessness and price increases. … Ryan likely hopes that in a state that Trump won by 8 percent in 2020, he can use this ‘tough on China’ message to persuade enough Trump voters to flip to him in order to win in November. AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) organizations, such as AAPI Victory Fund and Asian American Midwest Progressives (AAMP), and AAPI leaders such as Rep. Grace Meng have claimed that the ad reflects poor strategy and stokes anti-Asian racism.” (04/30/22)