Why the Pandemic-Industrial Complex Won’t Go Away

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“According to the most reliable experts — those who have been correct in their interpretation of data throughout the Covid era, most prominently John Ioannidis of Stanford — the Covid pandemic is over. Thus, Covid joins a long list of pathogens that coexist with humans and that we deal with in a focused and local manner, as necessary, if and when outbreaks occur. … What’s stopping us in general, and public health authorities in particular, from finally putting an end to exhausting pandemic hysteria and reassuring everyone that we can move on? Who benefits from never-ending Covid? The answer includes all the constituents of the pandemic-industrial complex: politicians, the public health bureaucracy, most of the media, the makers of masks, tests and vaccines, and a segment of the public whose own anxieties and obsessive virtue signaling map perfectly onto pandemic panic.” (05/01/22)