Well Bless Our Heart

Source: Liberty
by Steve Murphy

“Almost 40 years ago, I moved from Massachusetts to Alabama. A few years later, I was at a party where I overheard a woman complaining to her friends about her husband’s diet. It was a fad diet that he had adopted after being gruffly informed by his doctor that he needed to shed 100 pounds to avoid future heart failure. But 20 years later, he had lost barely a single pound. … ‘He’s stubborn as a mule; he won’t try a different diet; he just wants to keep pissing into the wind.’ Pausing in exasperation, she added, ‘Well bless his heart.’ And everyone laughed. I didn’t get the joke, until a friend explained that ‘bless his [or her] heart’ is often used by well-mannered Southerners as an expression of disapproval — the woman had just called her husband an idiot.” (05/01/22)