Our Immigration System Isn’t Broken, Democrats Are

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“It’s religious dogma to the left [sic]: our immigration system is broken and the only fix is more cowbell. Ok, maybe not more cowbell, but a complete overhaul of the system (‘comprehensive immigration reform’) which is code — or ‘dog whistle,’ to put it in terms Democrats will understand — for amnesty. Sure, it would also involve a lot of other things progressives leftists [sic] admit we need to ‘fix’ about the system, but without amnesty, they aren’t interested in any of it. Which goes to show you that, in fact, the immigration system is not broken, Democrats are.” [editor’s note: Hunter seems to think it was “Democrats” who invented “birthright citizenship.” In fact, Republicans ran pretty much everything at the time the 14th Amendment was ratified – TLK] (05/01/22)