Black success demolishes the left’s [sic] “2+2 = racism” lie

Source: Fox News Forum
by Deroy Murdock

“Dr. Jessica Watkins rode a Space-X rocket out of Cape Canaveral at 3:52 a.m. Wednesday. Destination: the International Space Station, where the 33-year-old astronaut became the ISS’s first [b]lack female crew member and flight engineer. From 248 miles above sea level, this UCLA Ph.D. (geology), Cal Tech post-doctoral fellow, and fifth [b]lack woman in space can peer down in astonishment at those on Earth who consider math racist and not quite right for [b]lacks. Florida, the state from which Watkins launched, recently decided not to use 54 mathematics-instruction volumes in its classrooms. ‘Reasons for rejecting textbooks included references to critical race theory,’ the Sunshine State’s Department of Education announced on April 15. … Among the many odious untruths peddled by these critical race theorists is the notion that 2 + 2 = racism: Mathematics classes and math itself, they lie, are tools of bigotry and instruments of white oppression against [b]lacks and other minorities.” (04/30/22)