Medicare Advantage Is a Massive Scam

Source: The American Prospect
by Ryan Cooper

“If you’ve ever watched cable news, where the average viewer is in their late sixties, you’ve probably seen an advertisement for a Medicare Advantage plan. They usually star some washed-up celebrity whose career peaked right around when today’s retirees were young adults (think Jimmy Walker or Joe Namath). And they always make a lot of big promises about how great Medicare Advantage coverage is. There’s just one problem: The sales pitch is an abject lie. Medicare Advantage is much worse than traditional Medicare for people on the program and costs a great deal more to boot. But unless the Biden administration changes course, private companies will soon devour the rest of the program. Medicare Advantage plans are typically a combination of ‘Medigap’ plans, which cover services not included in the government plan like vision and dental, plus a privatized version of traditional Medicare.” (04/29/22)