Sure, Call Trump a Loser. Don’t Expect Republican Voters to Care.

Source: The New Republic
by Alex Shephard

“On Wednesday, The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich published a story in which several top Republican strategists made the case that it was once again time to show GOP voters the real Donald Trump. Their latest theory goes like this: If you call Trump a loser, the spell will finally break. … One troubling thing about the ‘just call Trump a loser’ theory is that it fundamentally misunderstands his appeal. Republican voters aren’t besotted with Trump because he gets things done or even because they think that he’s a winner. They like him because he fights back, he doesn’t surrender, and — paradoxically, because he’s a total con artist and a phony — he doesn’t bullshit about politics. Trump’s attacks often have an air of authenticity, even if he doesn’t believe them himself.” (04/29/22)