Support Ukraine’s Independence? Then Support Secession Everywhere

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Ryan McMaken

“States, of course, don’t appear out of nowhere. They generally come into being through one of two ways, or a combination of both. States can be formed out of two or more smaller states through a process of conquest or voluntary union. And states can result when a part of a state secedes to form its own state. In the case of Ukraine, it is a state that was created out of a piece of the Soviet Union thirty years ago. This occurred via secession. Indeed, Ukraine was part of a remarkable trend toward decentralization and secession that occurred in the early 1990s. These secession movements, of course, were opposed by the ‘legitimate’ central government in place at the time. Put another way, to ‘stand with Ukraine’ today is to ‘stand with secession.’ But don’t expect to hear it phrased this way on MSNBC or at the New York Times.” (04/28/22)