Environmental Despair Springs Eternal, part 4: The Invisible Hand’s Green Thumb

Source: EconLog
by Pierre Desrochers

“Fortunately for our species, economic and environmental indicators unmistakably convey that, at least in the context of market economies, [Jane] Jacobs and other past Promethean writers proved much more right than their opponents. This is not to say that environmental challenges are non-existent, but that their root causes are more ideological and institutional than to be found in some immutable natural laws that constrain human actions. Although these facts are insufficiently appreciated, the eco-optimistic narrative is ultimately based on the observation that humans have developed two unique abilities. The first is the trading of physical goods. … Humans have also developed, or perhaps more accurately taken to a new level, the ability to address problems by continuously (re)combining existing things in new ways.” (04/28/22)