Elon Musk: Leader of a Brave New World

Source: American Consequences
by Trish Regan

“In the summer of 2005, a group of young techies tried to ‘take over the world. Their goal was to revolutionize audio storytelling using new podcast technology. At that time, most of us had never heard of social media … but the group believed in the innovation and launched Odeo. This startup had seed money, a few employees, and a clear goal: to make podcasting easy, accessible, and universal. But then, that fall; Apple beat them to it. The tech giant launched its iTunes podcasting platform, plugged it into every Apple smartphone … and quickly rendered Odeo obsolete. Many entrepreneurs might have wallowed in this setback… … but not these guys. By then, Odeo had grown to 14 full-time employees … And while it couldn’t compete with the likes of Apple, its founders had ambition. They had become obsessed with their colleague Jack Dorsey’s idea of ‘microblogging’ one’s ‘status’ and location in quick bursts.” (04/28/22)