Build Back Better Dies … Again

Source: The American Prospect
by Austin Ahlman

“President Joe Biden’s administration is instructing officials to engage in a hasty rebranding of its signature international development initiative, previously known as ‘Build Back Better World’, or B3W. In an ironic coda, the administration appears to believe that decoupling B3W from the Build Back Better domestic agenda (which failed after it was decoupled from the bipartisan infrastructure bill last year) will help ensure its success. Guidance obtained by The American Prospect indicates that the White House has decided to ditch all references to Build Back Better, a signal that they believe that continuing to tie the project to the stalled domestic agenda would be counterproductive. The Build Back Better World initiative, which was announced in June of 2021 amid optimism that the corresponding domestic agenda would pass, is a U.S.-led partnership among G7 countries that seeks to boost investment in the infrastructure needs of low- and middle-income countries.” (04/28/22)