US, other regimes launch plan to seize more control of Internet

Source: New York Post

“The Biden administration on Thursday unveiled an international ‘Declaration for the Future of the Internet’ with 50 other countries, slamming the policies of ‘authoritarian’ governments — while endorsing efforts to curb online ‘disinformation’ and ‘harassment.’ The document outlines ideas for ‘reclaiming the promise of the Internet’ and US officials described it as an effort to counter the practices of countries including China and Russia. It notably doesn’t mention domestic US struggles over internet freedom, such as politically motivated censorship [sic] of news stories by private companies and alleged illegal government mass surveillance. … The new document is signed by many US allies, including the governments of France, Israel, Japan and the UK, but the list doesn’t include many of the largest but relatively poor democracies, such as Brazil, India, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines.” (04/28/22)