Poll: Only 33% of Americans support Biden’s version of border authoritarianism; immigration activists describe GOP governors’ antics as “insurrection”

Source: Daily Mail [UK]

“Less than one-third of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s handling of mass migration at the U.S.-Mexican border as immigration activists slam Republicans for conducting an insurrection by sending reinforcements south to help with the crisis [sic]. A WashingtonPost-ABC News poll conducted June 27-30 shows 51 per cent of adults are not happy with the president’s response to the situation at the border, while only 33 per cent of the 907 respondents say they approve of its handling. … Biden’s dismal showing also comes as a growing list of Republican governors announced they will send reinforcements down to the U.S. border with Mexico to help with the growing crisis [sic] and spiking number of illegal [sic] crossers. … Critics, however, claim that the effort from local GOP politicians is an ‘insurrection’ and needs to be stopped — using the same language that Democrats used to impeach Donald Trump for the January 6 Capitol riot.” (07/05/21)