Is that so?

Source: J.L. Cells
by James Leroy Wilson

“Many years ago, Chad Shank, co-host of The Doug Stanhope Podcast, raised a daughter he suspected wasn’t his. … In A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes of Japanese Zen Master Hakuin, who was accused of impregnating a teenage girl. His response was, ‘Is that so?’ He lost his reputation, and the parents of the girl demanded he raise the baby. He did so during the child’s first year, and then the mother admitted that another man was the father. Her parents came to Hakuin and apologetically told him the news as they took the child back. ‘Is that so?’ is all that he said. The two stories are about accepting responsibilities even based on information one suspects or knows is false. I thought of these stories in relation to Caitlin Johnstone’s continued commentary on the news blackout of information helpful to Julian Assange.” (07/05/21)