Garland does the Bidens no favor by dodging a special counsel appointment

Source: The Hill
by Andrew C McCarthy

“I despise the institution of independent prosecutor, or ‘special counsel’ as the current iteration is known in federal regulation. I am thus sympathetic to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s insistence, in Senate testimony on Tuesday, that the Biden investigation — which the administration disingenuously minimizes as if it implicated only the president’s son, Hunter — is in the capable hands of the Biden Justice Department, with no need to appoint a special counsel. Alas, to be sympathetic is different from being convinced. The undeniable facts are that (a) there is a bulletproof case for the appointment of a special counsel under regulations that are supposed to bind the Justice Department, and (b) if the shoe were on the other foot, there is no way Democrats would indulge the pleas of a Republican attorney general … that a Republican president’s Justice Department be trusted to investigate the Republican president’s family without political interference.” (04/28/22)