The War Party’s Dictates on the Ukraine War

by Ronald Enzweiler

“The Washington bipartisan War Party (the neocons/neolibs, the deep state, and the military-industrial-congressional complex) goes on record in this Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) article telling the world: ‘What Does the West Want in Ukraine? Defining Success — Before It’s Too Late’ (April 22, 2022). This article is written by Richard Haass, President of the CFR. For those who don’t know, Mr. Haass — given his position — is the spokesperson for Washington officialdom on foreign policy. He is on Morning Joe on MSNBC a couple of times a week preaching the ‘forever war’ doctrine to his flock in Washington. Thus, this article isn’t just a MSM journalist or foreign policy academic pontificating on his/her own personal viewpoint — it reflects how the bipartisan War Party in Washington wants the Ukraine/Russia war to play out.” (04/28/22)