Step by Step for Liberty: Cannabis Edition

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Mike Maharrey

“In the early days of the state-level movement to legalize marijuana, we often got opposition from a surprising camp — libertarians. You would think libertarians would be thrilled with laws rolling back cannabis prohibition, but for many, it wasn’t enough. Skeptical libertarians found a myriad of reasons to oppose legalization efforts, saying they ‘didn’t go far enough.’ The movement started in the early 1970s and really started to grow with the legalization of medical marijuana in California way back in 1996. Opponents protested, ‘what about everybody else?’ Some libertarians also opposed medical marijuana on principle, saying people shouldn’t need a state-issued ‘card’ to access cannabis. They’re not wrong theoretically. Asking the government for permission is never desirable. But the fact is virtually all of these people carry a card so they can drive.” (04/27/22)