It’s Time To End the Zero-Sum Redistricting Game

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Bruce Gruenewald

“Every 10 years, state governments grapple with the question of how to draw the congressional districts assigned to them after the census. It’s a brutal, zero-sum game played out on a state-by-state basis where there are more losers than winners and no one is really satisfied with the outcome. The last thing most Americans want is a bigger government and more politicians, yet the solution to the zero-sum redistricting game is to create more seats for the House of Representatives. The number of seats in the House has been capped by law since 1929. … Since the number of House seats can’t be increased, population growth is accounted for during congressional apportionment by redistributing seats from one group of states to another group of states. The number of seats gained is exactly offset by the number of seats lost.” (04/27/22)