How a Purple State Got a Bright Red Sheen

Source: The Atlantic
by David A Graham

“If one had to guess where the vanguard of MAGA policy making might be, the natural guess would be some historical redoubt of conservatism with an overwhelming Republican majority: the usual behemoth, Texas, perhaps, or a rural red state such as South Dakota, or a deep-South staple such as Mississippi. … but the clear vanguard of Republican policy-making creativity at this moment is in Florida. This isn’t an intuitive result. Florida isn’t bright red but a long-standing swing state. … In recent years, voters have approved a series of progressive ballot initiatives by large margins …. [Ron DeSantis’s record is] striking for how he has managed to enact a hard-right agenda in a state that is closely divided — something that DeSantis or any other Republican will be seeking to do in the closely divided United States if they win the White House in 2024.” (04/27/22)