DeSantis is not a Libertarian or a friend to Libertarians.

Source: Defy The Power
by John Morrisey

“As I travel to conventions all over the US. I often hear you guys are so lucky and free to have DeSantis in Florida. My reaction surprises many as I say no we do no have recreational cannabis and the Republicans who had promised constitutional carry if elected have waffled on making it law. Many don’t realize DeSantis locked us down and shutdown our businesses like many other tyrannical governors across the country. … Bruise our governor[‘]s ego and you might get Trumped. Any deal you make with the state of Florida can be nullified without notice. Disney donated over $100,000 to the DeSantis Campaign in just the last year. When they stopped donating they got the wrath of DeSantis. Again we have been waiting years on constitutional carry and his legislation to punish Reedy Creek (Disney) takes a few days to pass.” (04/26/22)